Dyno Tuning

Offers Dyno tuning services in house for your high performance
motorcycle. With today’s fuel injected and carbureted motorcycles,
tuning using our state of the art dynamometer and dyno room gives a
controlled environment. With clean circulating air to simulate on-track
conditions, this allows repeatability between runs and precise tuning.
This is the most accurate way to insure optimal performance out of your

We Run on Dynojet


We continue to use the latest in Dynojet technology to ensure the most accurate and precise measurement while tuning for your power gains. Our expert mechanics will utilize our Dynojet to ensure that your bike comes out running perfectly every time.

Dynojet Pricing

Dyno Tune Prices

- Diagnostic Dyno Run: $75.00

- Complete EFI Dyno Tune: $325.00

- Carburated Bikes: $325.00

- Dyno Tune on Nitrous, Supercharger or Turbo: $550.00


Please ensure that your bike is ready to be tuned. If we have to stop the tuning process at any point to make fixes, add fuel, or handle any other issues, there will be an additional charge at the hourly shop rate for the time taken. The customer will be contacted before continuing any additional work.


1) Full tank of The Fuel You Will Be Running (NO OCTANE BOOSTERS)

2) Ensure your rear tire is in good condition

3) 40PSI Tire Pressure

4) Check Your Bike for Leaks

5) Make sure your belts is tensioned

6) Have a clean air filter

7) No check engine light on

Our shop fuel is $7.00/gal, so make sure that your tank is full on arrival